Benefit Resource Portal

Welcome to the Mphasis benefit enrollment portal. You will find valuable benefit information along with how to enroll in your benefits using the EMB Enroll online benefits enrollment system. Please take some time to review  the brochures and videos on this page. 


Benefit Resource Portal
Options to enroll in your insurance benefits

Options to enroll in your insurance benefits


  • Enroll in Benefits (New Hires)
  • View Current Benefits and Download Forms
  • Update Personal information for yourself and dependents and beneficiary changes
  • Process Qualifying Life Event (Ex. Gain of Other Coverage, Loss of Other Coverage, Marriage, Divorce, and Birth of a Child)


**The Enrollment Portal has down time for maintenance from 3:00am-2:00pm on Sundays. 


The enrollment system has enhanced security settings. Please VIEW INSTRUCTIONS for help on the log in screen in the enrollment system OR click HERE to be redirected to the MFA educational landing page. Employees that have not created an account within the last 6 months must do so prior to enrolling. Follow the instructions on the benefit enrollment system.

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Benefit Videos

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Voluntary Benefits

Voluntary Benefits are designed to provide additional cash flow to assist with out of pocket medical cost and other bills based on individual concerns and needs.

  • Ownership - Policies are fully portable and belong to you if your leave your employer
  • Benefits are paid directly to you, not to a hospital or to a doctor
  • Benefits are completely seperate from medical insurance, are paid regardless of other coverage.
  • Special Underwriting - (Guaranteed Acceptance) Health questions WAIVED on all plans! During your initial enrollment only!


Mphasis Offers:


Chubb Accident Insurance offsets the cost of unexpected expenses that result from accidents that occur everyday. Chubb Accident pays cash benefits directly to you or anyone you choose regardless of any other coverage you have. It also features a Wellness Benefit per person, once a year. *

Click here to view the Accident Brochure

Chubb Critical Illness Insurance can provide immediate financial relief from overwhelming expenses of a serious illness, such as a heart attack, stroke or cancer. It pays a lump-sum cash benefit when you are diagnosed with a covered illness easing your financial worries. *

Click here to View the Critical Illness Brochure

*See videos and brochures for more details.

Click Here to File a Chubb Claim