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Welcome to the Lincolnview Local Schools benefit resource website. You will find valuable benefit information along with how to enroll in your benefits with an EMB Enrollment counselor using the EMB Enroll online benefit enrollment system.

2020 Lincolnview Local Schools Open Enrollment Highlights:

·       Anthem will continue administration of the Medical and Dental plans.(Review the benefit guide below for details)

·        New worksite programs will be introduced for 2020.

·        Individual enrollment meetings with Explain My Benefits to get a better understanding of all the Benefit changes and new enrollment platform.

·        New Benefits Mobile App to be introduced!

<br><br><b>Lincolnview Local Schools</b>
Schedule Your <br>Enrollment Meeting:<br>Oct 28 - Oct 31

Schedule Your
Enrollment Meeting:
Oct 28 - Oct 31


What is a Benefit Enrollment Meeting?

  • Employees will be scheduled to meet with a benefits counselor in a confidential setting.
  • Benefit Counselors are trained on all benefits offered through the Lincolnview Local Schools.
  • Meetings are time slotted for 30 minutes and most will last between 10 and 30 minutes.
  • Employees will confirm all their personal information to be sent to carriers are set up correctly in the new enrollment system.
  • Employees will make their benefit elections with the benefits counselor during their meeting.
  • Explain My Benefits will have enrollment meetings at ALL locations.


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Benefit Video Library

Click the link below to view the Benefit Video Library. These videos provide more information on the benefits offered.

View the Benefits Video Library
Benefit Video Library

Voluntary Benefits

American Fidelity benefits will no longer be payroll deducted. You will have the option to keep current coverages on a direct bill. Similar benefits from Trustmark Insurance will now be offered through payroll deduction.

** More information on Trustmark plans can be viewed in the brochures below and your benefit counselor will be able to answer any questions.**


Voluntary Benefits are designed to provide additional cash flow to assist with out of pocket medical costs and other bills based on individual concerns and needs. 

  • Benefits designed to protect you financially when the unexpected occurs.
  • Benefits come directly to you without any restrictions on how you use them. Trustmark Insurance provides a financial cushion to help you take care of bills, so you can take care of what’s important, you and your family.
  • You own the coverage and can take it with you and pay the same premium. It’s yours even if you change jobs or retire.
  • Guaranteed Issue - There are no medical questions you’ll have to answer during your initial enrollment period.
  • Waiver of Pre-Existing conditions for current American Fidelity policyholders.


Lincolnview Local Schools Offers:


Trustmark Accident Insurance offsets the cost of unexpected expenses that result from accidents that occur everyday. It also features a $100 health screening benefit payable every calender year for each covered person.*

Trustmark Critical HealthEvents Insurance can provide immediate financial relief from overwhelming expenses of a serious illness, such as a heart attack, stroke or cancer. Policyholders receive benefits for the full scope of their illness (beginning to end), and those benefits are not based upon separation periods -- as those have been removed. Critical HealthEvents includes a replenishing annual benefit and increased preventive benefits to encourage healthy behavior.

Critical HealthEvents is a flexible product designed with one thing in mind: providing the best possible value to policyholders throughout their lifetime.*

Trustmark Universal Life Insurance with Long Term Care provides protection for you and your loved ones in the event of a untimely death. Universal Life is permanent insurance priced till age 100. It pays a higher death benefit during working years when expenses are high and in your retirement years when financial needs are lower the long term care benefit continues to protect you.*

Trustmark Paycheck Protect is also known as your “paycheck protection”. Paycheck Protect (Short Term) will protect your income for a short duration in case you become ill or injured. The benefit has an elimination period and a maximum duration. *

OneAmerica Long Term Disability is also known as your “paycheck protection”. Long Term will protect you in the event that you are disabled for a long duration and pays you in addition to any sick leave or other compensation your company may offer you. This benefit has a elimination period and a maximum duration. **


From summary plan descriptions to service forms, this site has everything you need.
Refer to each benefit section to find what you are looking for, then click on the desired item.

Click icon below to contact the carrier.





Life Insurance




Voluntary Benefits


Claims Help

Explain My Benefits
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Introducing the NEW EMB app

Get all your Insurance Benefit information right from your smartphone!

  • Enroll in your benefits from your phone or smart device
  • View your current benefits
  • Watch benefit educational videos and review insurance brochures
  • Receive important message notifications about your benefits


Follow instructions below to download:

 1. Visit the Apple or Android App Store

 2. Search for: Explain My Benefits

 3. Download the free app!

 4. Enter company code: lls

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Introducing the NEW EMB app